Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Some of the harder-to-find stuff I'm seeking...

...are material from New Zion Haste (ex-Fidel Catastrophe/Wise Blood, ex-Pomegranates - can't get their purevolume page to play...), Pageant of Snakes (if they have anything recorded...), Moon Collision (Sacred Spirits, ex-Pomegranates), The Blueprint Coalition, The Candy Afterlife, anything that Matt Frantz did (ex-Dark Audio Project, Liar's Paradise, Red Rum Trance, Graphic Verses, etc), Brown House (Kim and Carrie Nixon), June in July (ex?-Fake Hands), Goat Semen Baptism (ex-Tumorfeast, Dead Hate the Living, etc), The Blowtorch Abortions, Envenomed (Diamond Doug's band), Shrapnelface, Miasma, Youth Empowerment Project (ex-Paralyzer, DHTL, etc), lookXalive (ex-One Nation Under, Still Crossed, xDead Heroesx, etc), Dead End Path (from Indiana) Cryovolcanism (NKY metal, Profanation (NKY/Cincy? metal), Misery in Eden/xFisherx (Hamilton metalcore), This Day Forward (Christian hardcore/post-hardcore?), One Nation Under (specifically live audio or video from 2001-2002), August Anthem, Diamond For Eyes (screamo), and thee one, thee only, almighty BOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Open, O Coloured World (ex-Pomegranates/Healing Power) - RIP

Christian Psychedelic Shoegaze Pop from Cincinnati, OH

I saw them in the basement of the Methodist Church in the Gaslight District of Clifton (Cincinnati), OH.  It was at a "Books for Prisoners" benefit.  Their music was astonishing and it (as well as their aesthetics) hinted at what was to come with Pomegranates/Healing Power.

Stream a couple of their tracks here:

If you have their demo, please contact me immediately.  timothyadams1 - gmail com

(EDIT: Other acts at the show included Bludstone/Gojira, Andreas Chronis, and Realicide.)