Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Some of the harder-to-find stuff I'm seeking...

...are material from New Zion Haste (ex-Fidel Catastrophe/Wise Blood, ex-Pomegranates - can't get their purevolume page to play...), Pageant of Snakes (if they have anything recorded...), Moon Collision (Sacred Spirits, ex-Pomegranates), The Blueprint Coalition, The Candy Afterlife, anything that Matt Frantz did (ex-Dark Audio Project, Liar's Paradise, Red Rum Trance, Graphic Verses, etc), Brown House (Kim and Carrie Nixon), June in July (ex?-Fake Hands), Goat Semen Baptism (ex-Tumorfeast, Dead Hate the Living, etc), The Blowtorch Abortions, Envenomed (Diamond Doug's band), Shrapnelface, Miasma, Youth Empowerment Project (ex-Paralyzer, DHTL, etc), lookXalive (ex-One Nation Under, Still Crossed, xDead Heroesx, etc), Dead End Path (from Indiana) Cryovolcanism (NKY metal, Profanation (NKY/Cincy? metal), Misery in Eden/xFisherx (Hamilton metalcore), This Day Forward (Christian hardcore/post-hardcore?), One Nation Under (specifically live audio or video from 2001-2002), August Anthem, Diamond For Eyes (screamo), and thee one, thee only, almighty BOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Open, O Coloured World (ex-Pomegranates/Healing Power) - RIP

Christian Psychedelic Shoegaze Pop from Cincinnati, OH

I saw them in the basement of the Methodist Church in the Gaslight District of Clifton (Cincinnati), OH.  It was at a "Books for Prisoners" benefit.  Their music was astonishing and it (as well as their aesthetics) hinted at what was to come with Pomegranates/Healing Power.

Stream a couple of their tracks here:

If you have their demo, please contact me immediately.  timothyadams1 - gmail com

(EDIT: Other acts at the show included Bludstone/Gojira, Andreas Chronis, and Realicide.)

Monday, February 13, 2012

New archive for old Cincinnati rock'n roll and punk created (NO LONGER ONLINE! :( )

It's run by Bryan Houston, one of the few people around here who are passionate about what they do and have their shit together.  Check it out and be sure to submit any material you might have lying around.

The Dirty River Repository